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Camping at the Yacht Club

This Covid era hasn't been the easiest. We have all collectively spent a lot of time indoors. which can be detrimental but so far we have come along well. I spent too much time at home over this pandemic and needed a break, apart from helping out at the club with all the refurbishments I decided to use Philip's Caravan tent and camp out in the garden for a night. The caravan tent is a small setup that fits on the back of your car and you can drive around with it (of course with all the right paper work, this is Kenya after all). Its approximately 6 feet long by 3 to 4 feet wide. It is a well compact tent and rather large. I got to the club early that Saturday morning to finish up some of the manual work with Philip and whilst that was on going the team set up the tent for me. It has a double bed inside, sitting space, drawers for storage, a sink, cooker, table and other small attachments, including an electrical attachment too. Apart from this it has an extension that enlarges the tent and you have a good shaded space. Its rather big for two people but that makes it more comfortable. It takes between 20 to 30 minutes to set up depending on how good you are with assembling IKEA furniture together. Luckily for me I had the team from the yacht club helping me out. The tent was set up by 3pm and I was done with all the hard manual work by 5pm. I had pitched my hammock in the garden, close to the tent and was ready for an afternoon of peace and quiet listening to the ocean and ships pass by whilst reading a good book. It was around 6pm when I left the club to go and buy some chicken and vegetables for the nights dinner, luckily Chef. Kalama was on site and I wouldn't have to do the cooking bit (takes long and by the time youre done, you loose your appetite) He cooked up delicious chicken curry for us all on site with kachumbari and ugali. It sure was a treat. We all had dinner and watched a movie until around 9pm and thats when the sleep started kicking in, Ugali isn't a light and if you have eaten well, you're eventually going to fall asleep. We finished watching Jack Ryan and I decided to hit the sack. It was a rather cold evening due to the rainy season the East African Coast's winter time. I got in, snuggled up nice and warm, there was no sound apart from that of the ocean and the insects around my tent. The guys were on watch and all was in good order. I camped by the pool and not far from the club house which was very peaceful, the club also have bathrooms and showers and a swimming pool too, so you can decide how you want to wake up in the morning. There is second much larger tent as well, sleeps around 4 to 6 people but I haven't tested that one out yet (definitely looking forward to testing this one out) We are open again, sailing has resumed and the club is following all Health protocols. Do drop by for a scrumptious lunch or dinner! Chef Kalama has got you covered. Please see the photos below of the site and the tent and drop us a comment if you would like to camp at the club anytime soon.

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