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Updated: Feb 12, 2020


Open Day @ Mombasa Yacht Club

This was our second sponsored Open Day at MYC. It makes the day so much fun as it always attracts many people for the afternoon. The BBQ was in full swing, the music was playing and people on the shore were more laid-out the laid-back. Many thanks to Nisomar for their sponsorship and participation days events. I need to get those guys thinking of an annual event in their name, it would be a good corporate race if I can find another corporate sponsor.

I am beginning to love open days; sitting under the trees looking at the sea and watching the racing whilst listening to soft music makes it a little like being in heaven. The beauty of coming to MYC open days is that they do not really start until 2:30pm so whilst it is hot in the sun the shade under the trees is perfect. The temperature drops by the hour so when the band finishes at 6:30pm you can watch the sun go down over the Shimba hills and the orange light reflecting on the waters of the Kilindini Harbour.

The kids are in the pool swimming around and enjoying the day and as the tide recedes you can walk the beach in front of the club.

The harbour is never quiet, the day is broken by large and small ships coming in and out. The bulging prows pushing the water up and away and not even causing a wave. In contrast the tough looking pilot boats appear as if they are water skiing to keep up, alongside the big ships thereby causing huge waves and white water as the race in front or behind depending on if the ship is arriving or leaving.

Amongst this the MYC sailors race their little white sails boats with deathly determination to be the first to cross the finish line. Rumour has it that the first one back to the quarterdeck gets the biggest slice of cake! (No wonder they race so hard). The distant sounds of “Gybe-Ho” or “Windward boat keep clear” drift up across the grass of the lawn from the small boats as the helms & crews battle it out on the water.

They all arrive back and the shouting from the sailing Commodore and the Boat Master can be heard as they make sure every helps to pull the boats from the water. There is grins all round if they feel they have done well or resigned shoulder shrugs if they feel they let themselves down. Those that know where they are in the pecking order can be heard “giving stick” to those they have beaten when they should have lost on paper.

With four new bods in the boats yesterday it was fun to see them coming to terms with the constant unbalance as the boats twitched and turned. When one little boat went over they could be seen gasping and looking worried. This turned to amazement as the little girl sailing the boat simply swam round and turned it back up the right way, clambered in and set off again.

Roll on the next sponsored day it was pure fun.

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