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The Commodore Strikes Back

Updated: Feb 12, 2020



Race one was cancelled due to lack of interest however race two was well attended!

Three Wayfarers and two Topper Taz we all looked good to go, The Taz had a ten minute head start however we forgot to tell the starter and somehow he read a five minute head start.

On the water we just stood back an extra five minutes then went after the two Taz. They were being sailed by Hemimeh and Sakina and although it was a first for Hemimeh it was also a first for Sakina. Hemimeh had not been in a Taz before and Sakina had never raced her own boat in a race before. It was easy to see that Hemimeh was the more skilful (as expected) however Sakina made a beginners error that could have made her the heroine for the day. Instead of following her own course she followed Hemimeh and Hemimeh went the wrong way!

With this going on the three Wayfarers started the chase, The Commodore in “Pippen” had the best start in fact the Vice Commodore in “Oscar” was so far behind the line he passed “Pippen” going in the opposite direction. “James the Club” was last to start just one boat length behind “Oscar” however he had Munene onboard so he was well crewed up for the race.

We had three guests so one was put in each boat to make it a little more difficult. The chase up to Elephant left the race with the Commodore leading both “Pippen” and “Oscar“ by around 15 boat lengths he had comfortably snatched a handy lead. With “James the Club” along with Munene in “Deep Turtle” were giving the poor Vice Commodore a hard time. They attacked to port, they attacked to starboard and made life very difficult whilst the Commodore escaped and extended his lead. By now the Wayfarers had caught up with the meandering Taz of Hemimeh who was returning from her scenic route round the bay. Poor Sakina was lost halfway to Kenya Navy and feeling the weight of a full race. The last two marks were Peleleza then home to Club and the Commodore in still held a good 20 boat lengths lead. “Deep Turtle” was on the attack once more and they came from astern this time, Oscar took a hit from a gust of wind which swung them away from “Deep Turtle” but also gave them back the edge. At Peleleza the Commodore was clear and turning for club, Vice Commodore rounded and clipped the mark. There seemed to be some confusion on “Oscar” as they did their 360 degree penalty so “Deep Turtle” pounced and sailed by into second place. “James the Club” now set his eyes on the Commodore and went after him, the Vice Commodore in “Oscar” was still sailing in circle waving to the rescue boat. The sudden turn had snapped a pintle and their rudder was adrift. Whilst the others continued the race the Vice Commodore was giving his crew lessons in how to sail without a rudder.

James the Club” had the pedal to the metal and was gaining on the Commodore all the way across the harbour. At the finish the wind dropped and they had a fight with no more than two boat lengths between them.

THE COMMODORE STRUCK BACK he crossed the line a clear winner

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